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Premier Grass is a fully imported grass that is carefully manufactured to make the grass feel and look like natural. The grass has gone through careful Quality Control that comes with 6 years warranty

Premier Grass is designed for indoor and outdoor with full UV resistant control to ensure it lasts long under local outdoor weather exposure. 

Premier Grass Quality , Artificial Grass


Premier Grass is designed and made to promote more eco friendly environment in which the benefits are described below. The Premier Grass artificial turf helps in many many aspect. After using Premier Grass, you will now enjoy the following:-

  • NO Watering – conserves water andeliminates impact on water resources

  • NO Mowing – saves millions of liters of gas a year and stops air and noise pollution

  • NO Fertilizing – helps in the reduction ofmethane gases

  • NO Pesticides, fungicides and herbicidesthat harms ground water

  • NO Seeding

  • NO Aerating

  • NO Lead

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